Digital / eLearning Design

I love to create beautiful and valuable eLearning modules. I can take your learning materials and create interactive and fun digital learning experiences. Let me improve skills, promote products and increase numbers, using attractive online learning. I build all modules using the principles of user experience (UX), visual design and information flow to reinforce learning outcomes. My skills include:

  • Building custom eLearning modules from scratch: using Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate or a custom rapid authoring tool.
  • Transforming print materials into online learning.
  • Reviving existing materials with a fresh design.
  • Breathing new life into a PowerPoint slide show.
  • Creating custom images, graphics or content.
  • Much more.

Instructional Design

I love to create learning experiences that inspire real change, and improve understanding, in real terms. I have two best friends when it comes to designing great learning; the OSCAR process and the ADDIE process.

Using OSCAR I can identify the learning you need to acquire and what form it will take. I will: identify learning Outcomes, create Success criteria, explore learning Context, plan learning Activities and create beautiful Resources. OSCAR is great.

Next is where the fun starts; the ADDIE process. I apply this process instinctively and without mercy, throughout the ID stage. It’s what helps me design valuable, behaviour-changing learning. I know ADDIE inside and out. ADDIE knows me.

If you need learning scoped and created, let me do it. I’m very good at it.


I love to write learning materials that engage, stimulate and motivate. Storytelling. Good writing is all about storytelling. Together we can create and tell the story you want to tell. I've written learning materials for a wide-range of audiences and sectors,  for multi-nationals to one-man bands, across most sectors. Whatever your need and whoever your audience, let's bridge the gap together by creating great content.